Gift Options

  • Gift One Month of any Package 

Remember, you can half any package for half the price.  What an awesome gift to receive!

  • Wedding Registry 

Congratulations lovebirds!  Do you want to receive the most wonderful gift for your wedding?  You've come to the right place, because that gift is WINE! 


The newlyweds-to-be will come into our shop, give us their wedding date, delivery address and what wines they would like to receive as a gift if they choose to have a preference.  The couple would then need to add the link to our website on their wedding registry to let their guests know that they want to be Grapeful.  The person wanting to give the best wedding gift ever, wink wink, would then need to come into our shop, pick from one of our packages, and decide on the number of months to gift to the lovely couple.  Once the decision and purchase has been made, the engaged couple will receive their wine package within 2-3 business days. So Geaux Grapeful! Wine not?

  • Holiday Gift Baskets are now available for pre-order! 
  • E-Gift Card

Load an E-Gift Card with any amount of your choosing to redeem for an in-store purchase.  

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